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Special BONUS Offer!!

For Sign Ups Before March 15, 2024



Complete Course


Experience the ultimate EMMT journey with our Complete Course Package! Gain access to an extensive online curriculum, exclusive community coaching, and be among the first to explore bonus modules. Join the future of integrative medicine and embark on a transformative path of healing for both your mind and body. Welcome to the EMMT paradigm shift!

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"The treatment was great! It was gentle but very effective. I actually went for a little walk the next day (very short) which was a major accomplishment. I have PT tomorrow and am curious to see if I get the mobility achieved in your session."
*** To maintain client confidentiality, all feedback remains anonymous.
Welcome Package
You’ll get a copy of the eBook and print book of The Tao of the Polyvagal Theory, an EMMT logo lead to a gold study notebook, as well as a special BONUS community gift, so you can become part of the future of integrative medicine; a future of gentle, supportive healing of the mind and body. Welcome!
Complete Access
Online access to ALL of our course platforms, including current and future core classes in the EMMT curriculum, so you can learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, and stay ahead of leading trends in the application of manual therapy and healing of the Autonomic Nervous System.
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Monthly Community Coaching Call
(up to 2 hrs) until January 2026. You’ll get to connect in real-time to get your questions answered by an EMMT Facilitator, so you can get clarification for any ideas you are learning, or questions that come up, while you are navigating through the curriculum.
First  Look at any  Bonus modules that are released IN PERPETUITY!
You’ll be the first to view any bonus material that is released that is adjunct to the Core Curriculum, so you can stay on the leading edge of treatment technique and theory. 
20% off In Person Workshops for 2 years 
You’ll get a discount to all in person workshops, so you can refine techniques and connect with the community!
15% Discount Code To The elementalAdvanced And EMMT Store

Expires 1 year from date of issue.  

You’ll get one 15% off coupon for your total purchase at our online store, so you can represent the community of elementalAdvanced, and purchase any additional supplies you require such as fine art prints of the illustrations presented in the curriculum, as well as specific course logo wearables,  notebooks, and other supplies.

Access to the EMMT Community App
You’ll get to align with fellow members of the EMMT community through an easily searchable online interface, so you can ask questions, search for answers, and connect with the community to organize study groups or share experiences. Plus invitation to any EMMT course Facebook Pages that will be created.   
​Access to a proven business marketing plan
That will help you immediately integrate the EMMT curriculum into your current practice in integrative health. You’ll get a proven business strategy that will help with the growth of your practice, so you can refine your marketing and business strategy and get coaching and feedback from us, while you are growing your knowledge of the EMMT curriculum. Read more ....
Voluntary  listing on our website under the “Find a Provider” mapping feature
You’ll get free advertisement in perpetuity, so you can have interested clients or fellow students connect with you to share your EMMT knowledge and skillset as the curriculum grows among the collective. 

Nicole Keane, MS LMT 

Founder of elementalAdvanced, Elemental Manual Meridian Theory and Techniques (EMMT), and Gratitude Healing Arts,

In  practice since 2002

Hi, I'm Nicole Keane, osteopathic manual therapist and creator of this pivotal curriculum. My mission with this work is to create the most remarkable courses I've ever had the pleasure of taking. Thanks to the content in this curriculum, I can confidently say that I've not only achieved that goal but surpassed it.


This work is a constant source of inspiration. During the process of developing this curriculum, I also discovered the means to care for myself in a more comprehensive way, and build resilience inwards.


I did the personal work, and now I'm excited to share it with you!

Nicole Keane, MS LMT
Take a moment to hear what our clients have to share about their experience of this work,

"Good morning!

I am feeling so relieved to finally be headed in the right direction. I feel better and better after every therapy. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"


"I feel fantastic. Thank you. I’ve gotten lots of sleep the past few days, which has been awesome. I also don’t feel so negative/overwhelemed, I almost feel light-hearted."


"Your treatment was very helpful. For the first time in years the tension in my jaw relaxed. It was gone until 2 days ago… looking forward to seeing you again."

*** To maintain client confidentiality, all feedback remains anonymous.
Unlock the Power of EMMT: Join the Transformation Today!
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