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"I set out to create the absolute best courses that I have ever taken. With the content of this curriculum I can say, with confidence, that I've realized that and more. This work is endlessly awe inspiring, and through the process of creating this theory and these classes, I was able to give myself more care and resilience during that time of inward focus. I did the work on myself, and now I get to share it with you."


- Nicole Keane, MS LMT 

Founder of elementalAdvanced, Elemental Manual Meridian Theory and Techniques, and Gratitude Healing Arts Foundation,

In  practice since 2002

Discover our clients' experiences with these techniques...

"My experience with Elemental Advanced Manual Therapy has been amazing. Nicole is very knowledgeable and experienced in her work. She has begun to heal my chronic pain!

It is a huge win for me!"

                           - Anonymous, October 10

***As a disclaimer, we aim to protect the confidentiality of our clients, and thus, the feedback shared will remain anonymous***

"I'm looking for someone to do some body work on my jaw and head. Will you be back in my area anytime soon? I really liked your style of treatment, and was wondering if you knew anyone in my local area that practices in a similar modality?... Turns out, it is pretty difficult to find a practitioner who is remotely on your level!"

                           - Anonymous, October 24

Book Cover Image LOW RES The Tao of the
The Tao of the Polyvagal Theory// EMMT Theory

This 4 credit hour course is related to the book of the same name. The course will help with clinical application of the treatment theories presented in the book, relative to the effective application and integration of the techniques.


You will be guided through the principles presented within the book, through an approximately 3.25 hour movie, separated into four modules; as well as a 45 min audio narrative of a complete 5 session case study using the EMMT techniques, illustrating clinical applications of the Tan Cycle and Yu Angles treatment theories. For more detailed information, please CLICK HERE.

"The treatment was great! It was gentle but very effective. I actually went for a little walk the next day (very short) which was a major accomplishment. I have PT tomorrow and am curious to see if I get the mobility achieved in your session."

                           - Anonymous, September 30

"Dear Nicole,

Your treatment was very helpful. For the first time in years, the tension in my jaw relaxed. It was gone until 2 days ago… looking forward to seeing you again."

                                      - Anonymous, April 9

Elemental Manual Meridian Theory and Techniques (EMMT)

The elementalAdvanced Method and the EMMT courses are an entirely online curriculum, teaching physical and energetic emotional release techniques related to the vast connections of the vagus nerve. These techniques, and the theory behind them, have been clinically researched, and are easily applied across disciplines, for a truly integrative health practice and healing potential.

All our courses are credentialed for continuing education through NCCAOM and NCBTMB. You may also apply to your State board for acceptance of CME for other professional disciplines such as licensed talk therapy.

The elementalAdvanced Method and our curriculum is designed around a Five Element perspective that is an evolution of Five Element theory from the classical Asian traditions. A series of five specific classes will illustrate the detailed anatomy and physiology of each element, as well as clinical applications in orthopedic injury, emotional transformation, and conditions of chronic pain and inflammation.


The EMMT curriculum is a blend of several modalities, including an array of myofascial techniques, neural and visceral mobilization, lymphatic drainage and vascular release, and specific Reiki. This curriculum emphasizes the nexus between the body and the Spirit in clinical therapy, for those in recovery from physical or emotional stress and trauma.  Most clients that are treated with the EMMT techniques and theory of practice, around 90% in fact, realize 80-100% improvement of the primary concern within 1-5 sessions. 

The Wood Element //
EMMT Technique

This 16 credit hour, course will focus on techniques associated with the anatomy and physiology of the Wood Element, and associated Liver and Gallbladder primary and divergent, energetic channels of the body.  CLICK HERE for more info on the Wood Element EMMT Course. Classes associated with the other four Elements will be forthcoming. 

"Thank you so much for the notes!

This is so helpful to read and to learn more and to see how skilled you are!


As far as how I felt after integrating the first treatment is a sense of confidence and the calm in you as a practitioner and in myself as a patient that my nervous system has been objectively observed. And I know that my nervous system has been dysregulated, on fire, and frankly in my own way, but in integrating the treatment I felt more spacious, and a connection to my personal power, like now I have the power to open my heart and that I am taking the right steps on my healing path and that this work will bring me freedom, and an open heart."

                         - Anonymous, September 28

"Good morning!

I am feeling so relieved to finally be headed in the right direction. I feel better and better after every therapy.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

                                      - Anonymous, April 9

"Hello Nicole,

Thanks so much for the session yesterday. I can feel that things are more alive in my head(haha, for lack of a better description!)

I am deeply curious about getting some work done on the issues affecting my bottom! You had mentioned a few practitioners and I just wanted to follow up and emphasize my interest. Any referrals or direction you could give me on how to find someone, what words should use in terms of what skills they should have, I’d be very grateful."

                               - Anonymous, January 4

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