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EMMT is an entirely online curriculum teaching physical and somatic emotional release techniques related to the vagus nerve, that are clinically researched, and easily applied across disciplines for a truly integrative health potential.

All courses are credentialed for continuing education through NCCAOM and NCBTMB. You may also apply to your State board for acceptance of CME for other professional disciplines such as licensed talk therapy.


In person, hands on mentorship is also available in small group workshops, and one to one coaching upon request. 

Elemental Manual Meridian Theory
and Techniques (EMMT)

This is our curriculum designed around a Five Element perspective that is an evolution of classical Five Element theory from the East Asian traditions. A series of five specific classes will illustrate the detailed anatomy and physiology of each element, as well as clinical applications in orthopedic injury, emotional transformation, and conditions of chronic pain and inflammation. The EMMT curriculum is a blend of many modalities and emphasizes the nexus between logical and realistic clinical therapy for those recovering from physical or emotional stress and trauma, or injury.  Most clients treated with the EMMT techniques, achieve 80-100% improvement of the primary issue within 1-5 sessions. 

EMMT // The WOOD Element Course
(Clinical Applications for the Vagus Nerve)

This 16 credit hour, online course will focus on techniques associated with the anatomy and physiology of the Wood Element, and associated Liver and Gallbladder primary and divergent, energetic channels of the body. Click here for more information. Classes associated with the other four Elements will be forthcoming. 

The Tao of the Polyvagal Theory Course

This 4 credit hour online course is related to the book of the same name. The course will help with clinical application of the treatment theories presented in the book. You will be guided through the principles presented within the book through an approximately 3.25 hour movie; as well as a 45 min audio narrative of a complete 5 session case study using the EMMT techniques that illustrate clinical applications of the Tan Cycle and

Yu Angles treatment models. For more information, please click here. 

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