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A Paradigm Shift in Five Element Theory

I'd like to start a discussion about the evolving nature of HealthCare theory, and need for paradigm shifts to match the evolution of our scientific knowledge of the quantum anatomy, physiology, and the neuroendocrine system, as our methods of observation lead to more and more awareness of how the neuroendocrine system governs everything from inflammation to immunity.

Many current paradigms for treatment and systems of modern medical theory have been based on patriarchal influences over centuries. Some of these systems have limitations based on outdated foundational knowledge, limited awareness, and even possible mistranslations of historical documents. I propose a paradigm shift that includes a re-polarization, and a shifting of perspective based on a negentropic cycle of lifting and supporting energies to help process, heal, and transform traumas that have been evolving within our human species, and epigenetically transferring information to create conditions of disease over generations. The current Five Element traditions of Asian medicine are tied to a limited understanding of the human energy (nervous) system, and have been translated over time by a ruling class that was focused on control of a population.

The Tan Cycle, that I will describe in an upcoming publication, can accomplish this collective transformation by shifting the spirit affiliations in a way that honors the traditional analysis, but allows for an evolution of theory that moves away from a pathway rooted in patriarchal principles of control and genesis, and toward a more supportive theory of healing that is aligned with our current understanding of how trauma is assessed and processed by the body. This shift addressed how trauma manifests through cognitive and physiological dysregulation of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). This perspective will help practitioners with addressing, accepting, lifting, and supporting, the foundational energies of the body, so as to create an environment where the body can begin to transform in a more gentle and efficient way.

The wisdom of the philosophy of treatment outlined in the Tan Cycle rests in the perspective of the observer. The only way to test the potential of this truth is to expand your awareness, and use this treatment theory in practical clinical application. It is my hope that with this new awareness we may go forward with a new perspective, that healing does not have to be traumatic or re-traumatizing. There is a now a new awareness available to HealthCare practitioners that have used traditional theories, as a result of modern research in anatomy and physiology, and a resonance from these traditional theories that may inform practitioners of modern medicine. This different level of understanding that appears through the merging of the intuition of tradition with the knowledge of research, creates a wisdom that will inform the future of HealthCare and healing.


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